17' Boreal Design, Ellesmere in Concord, NH

Condition: Used

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  • open hatch covers

    open hatch covers

  • All hatch covers

    All hatch covers

  • Kayak profile

    Kayak profile

  • Decking


  • Ergonomic molded seat

    Ergonomic molded seat

  • OC spray skirt with pocket and zip up front

    OC spray skirt with pocket and zip up front

  • Band back brace

    Band back brace

  • Extended Skeg

    Extended Skeg

  • Skeg locking control

    Skeg locking control

  • Elastic skeg cord

    Elastic skeg cord

  • Rear bulkhead

    Rear bulkhead

  • Foot braces and front hull

    Foot braces and front hull

  • bulkhead behind seat

    bulkhead behind seat

  • Rear hatches

    Rear hatches

  • Stern deck

    Stern deck

  • Bow


  • Stern


  • Lateral cockpit profile

    Lateral cockpit profile

  • Forward deck profile

    Forward deck profile

  • OC length 22.0"

    OC length 22.0"

  • OC width 16.5"

    OC width 16.5"


This Boreal Design, Ellesmere, kayak is in excellent condition. It has typical minor hull scratching and no repairs are needed to any parts. This is a beautiful craft with its red deck, white hull, decorative edge taping and its stylish functional curves. I bought this kayak in 2016 from Contoocook River Canoe and Kayaks as a consignment sale for a kayak instructor and guide. I have stored it inside since 2016 and the previous owner pampered it as well.

With my less flexible 68-year-old legs, and 34” inseams, I'm finding it more difficult to get into and out of the ocean cockpit comfortably. I love this boat and I am reluctant to sell it but I am needing to get into a kayak with a longer cockpit.

  • Dimensions:
    • 17’ long, 22” wide, about 52 lbs,
    • 275 lbs carrying capacity, 180 L storage space, allowing for single to multiday touring.
    • Ocean Cockpit (OC) opening at the flange is 16.5.0" wide and 22." long.
    • The interior has plenty of leg and bent knee room for a 6-footer with size 11 feet
    • It has hands-free adjustable foot pegs and also ample padded thigh braces.
  • Design:
    • Greenland style; fiberglass composite;
    • 3 sealed watertight compartments with 3 like-new KayakSport soft rubber hatch covers;
    • The ocean cockpit (OC) allows for easier spray skirt fitting and makes the cockpit more secure and watertight in rough water conditions.
    • The kayak’s design is perfect for use on ocean waters, lakes, and rivers, and for multi-day packing trips.
    • The skeg has an elastic shock cord to prevent the cable kinking.
    • The seat is an ergonomically shaped hard plastic with exceptional comfort. Back support is provided by an adjustable band.
    • I am including a rubberized nylon zip-up spray skirt and travel cockpit cover.
  • Performance:
    • The design is for intermediate to advanced paddlers.
    • The Ellesmere has incredible handling, easy maneuverability, great secondary stability, and it slides like a blade through the water, making it fast. It tracks very well with minimal weather-cocking even without the retractable skeg.
    • Comfortable primary stability with solid secondary stability. The low volume settles into rough seas and waves with little rocking.
    • A rounded/arched hull sits between hard chines to allow the performance to be fast, playful, and maneuverable with quick turning.
    • The Ellesmere model is rated 4.5/5.0 on Paddler.com.
    • Boreal Design has unfortunately discontinued the Ellesmere model.

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