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Hornbeck 12 Low Profile

by Hornbeck Boats


At 74 years of age getting my 50 pound kayak on the…

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At 74 years of age getting my 50 pound kayak on the roof of my Jeep was getting harder and harder. The Low Profile 12 in Kevlar has a hull weight of about 17 pounds! The Low Profile is much easier to handle in a crosswind. Lots of open area for my fishing gear too. Instead of plowing through waves, it pops up on top of them and so it's a dry ride even with the low freeboard.

One caution though. The weight limit is only about 225 pounds. If you're bigger than that, opt for the standard profile. Since I'm seldom in a hurry, it's speed (or lack of) doesn't bother me any. Ir tracks better than I had hoped and compared to my kayak, turns even better.

The only negative I could find was the seat is not comfortable,but a foam, orthopedic removable seat took care of that.