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Toledo Bend Lake in Texas

Trip Overview

I am new to the sport and took my kayak (pelican Hunter 100) to Toledo Bend lake this past weekend (long 5 day weekend). I used a dock next to our cabin at the six mile creek. I used the kayak for both fishing and recreational paddling. I paddling about a mile the first day just to get a feel for it.

The next couple of days I probably logged about 10 miles. Just riding the coastline of the lake. If you love nature this is great. I saw all kinds of wildlife including squirrels, turtles, pelicans, ducks, cardinals, blue jays all in their natural habitat. I actually got to see some pelicans catch some fish out of the water and bring it to the shoreline. I think I saw around 90 turtles sunbathing on logs and in lilly pads floating along the coast.

I have twin 6-year old girls who weigh about 40 lbs. a piece. I let them sit in the kayak with me (one at a time in between my legs) and took them each for long rides. They really enjoyed counting the turtles.

There are plenty of docks on this lake with to many small creeks and water trails to name.


Several small places and resorts that rent to anglers.




This Lake is the border for Texas and Louisiana. You can drive straight up/ or down Hwy 87.


Toledo bend Lake map can be picked up at any of the bait and tackle shops.

Sabine river authority and many toledo bend websites

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water
  • Group Rates: No

Locations on this Trip