Scoville Reservoir in Connecticut

A self-supported trip created by mixwithh2o

Trip Overview

I found this listed in the Connecticut Boaters Guide in my search for new places to paddle. It is listed at 121 acres, and when I first looked at it wasn't impressed, it has that plain wide open look to it from the launch. But was I ever surprised! Such a gem! It has a small back pond that has a small inlet you can go a little ways up and if you feel like bushwhacking a little you can get into another small but very neat area just before going up the inlet on the right. To get to these areas you have to go through a short tunnel under the road.

Heading back to the main body of water and staying near the shoreline it's shallow enough to see plenty of underwater activity by the fish and some are pretty good size mind you! Talked to some kid who was telling me he took a 5 pounder out but released it to give someone else some fun. Lots of little coves that just are begging to be checked out. The whole shoreline run takes at least 3- 4 hours depending on how fast you are paddling. A couple of little islands too. There have been lots of geese and ducks with their young lately, and turtles. I saw the biggest frog I've ever seen here too! Just be careful if you get out of your boat to stretch, where you walk for two reasons, goose poop and snakes. I saw 4 one day just sunning themselves and after checking into what they were, was told they were eastern water snakes - not overly aggressive snakes unless you bother them. I don't care much for snakes myself so they didn't have any worries from me. Will say they were pretty though.

Can't imagine anyone not liking this paddle and if there has to be a downside to this paddle it has to be mans stupid ways of disposing of trash! This really surprised me considering this is a reservoir. I probably could have outfitted at least 10 cars with tires. And is there anyone who can explain to me why a fisherman can bring a container of worms and some beer or soda cans to enjoy a nice day on the water but they leave them there when they're empty? Don't let this distract you though from what this place has to offer. The only reason this might be considered any harder than easy is if the wind got whipping, but there is still enough little ins and out to the shoreline that that isn't really even a problem. Happy paddling!


There is a boat launch and although I have seen fishing boats with small motors (big hidden boulders not good on boat motors) they are not overwhelming numbers. Also mostly pickup bed size or small rowboat size. Have never noticed toilets of any kind which is surprising or just my lack of noticing!


From north Rte 69S to Nichols Rd go left at boat launch sign and follow around to bear left on Woodtick Rd short distance later take left onto Scoville Rd. From South (Waterbury) take 69 N and take a right on Nichols Rd. just follow the boat launch signs.


Connecticut Boaters Guide lists all the public accessible waters and where they are, what kind of launches they have and it shows if there are fees or not.

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

Trip Location