Montana’s Wild and Scenic Upper Missouri River

$1,400.00 / person

Trip Overview

The section from Fort Benton to Coal Banks is studded with islands and riverbanks alive with wildlife and various birdlife. Deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, elk, and 212 species of birds call this place home. Its scenic sweep through some of Montana’s best riparian habitat is matched only by its place in the heart of the country’s historic westward expansion—Lewis and Clark made their way past the same wilderness bluffs some 200 years ago.

When you aren’t playing on the water you will take the time to explore the narrow canyons, sandstone arches, and the same shorelines where Lewis and Clark made their camps. In the spectacular White Cliffs area you will make the climb to the famous Hole-in-the-Wall. In other wilderness areas, you will discover ravines, abandoned homesteads, and the remains of native Indians in the form of rock circles.

Trip Location