Beaver Pond / Beatrice Pond in New Hampshire

by  guest-paddler

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Trip Overview

If at all you want to see what wonders "God" has made on this beautiful earth, if at all you want to experience the tranquility and peaceful surroundings of a beautiful place, if at all you want to sit in the midst of a water body and feel that you are in a place in Heaven (Assumed that Heaven is a good place), and if at all you are a Nature freak out as I am, then you ought to make it to the "BEAVERS POND" or rightly I would say "BEATRICE POND" for the grand lady "Beatrice Trum Hunter" donated her 200 Acre plot which encompasses this beautiful pond to "Deering Preserve" which is a Society for the Protection of New Hampshire forests.

I had purchased my new Canoe and I was looking out for a very beautiful spot where I could start off on a maiden paddle trip in my canoe nicknamed "Dreams". I saw a small description of this pond in a web section called "Places to paddle in NH" by the 'Applachian Mountain Club'. There were no directions given but it said that once I get to this pond, I would like to send a Thank-you note to my God. I started off on a wild goose chase to get to know as to how to reach this Pond. I called up many people and got tit-bit pieces of information and summed up everything to finally reach this pond.

This pond is a naturally formed pond with all the hard work done by the "Beavers" (Thanks to these beautiful creatures). Beavers are small animals and resemble the shape of a large mouse. They are harmless creatures and fear humans. They are pure vegetarian eaters and rely on Fresh Bark and plantations for their diet. When I spoke to Beatrice, I came to know that this pond was formed by streams of water, which was blocked and built in the form of a natural Dam by the Beavers. It is the hard work put in by the Beavers for around "54" years and also other natural conditions that has helped create this pond.

Precautions: You can park your car on the left on a small road, which leads to the woods. Don't park your car on the side of the road, as it is too small to let other vehicles move. Please DON'T LITTER IN ANY WAY, as this is a Protected Reserve. As you walk on the banks of the Pond, you could see the naturally built dam by the Beavers. Note: Motorboats or motor driven boats are not ALLOWED to preserve the Aquatic life.

My background: I am an Automation engineer (Computer science) graduate and have been born and brought up in Bombay, India. I came to the United States around a year and half back and am a nature lover. I live in Derry, Newhampshire.

A note on Beatrice:
Apart from thanking the creator, one must appreciate "Beatrice Trum Hunter" for donating this piece of property of around 200 acres for preservation and development for the future generation so that many people like you and me could Paddle on this beautiful pond. She has authored a number of books on "Nutrition" and shares an exclusive hobby of "Ice Crystal Photography" and has won a number of awards for the same. I am happy to say that today United States is an example to the world for the efforts put in by good leaders in the past as also to look and think forward to the future generation.

Enjoy Paddling. It's "Gods Own Country"


Launching your canoe: If you look across to the left end of the pond, there exists a pathway leading to the pond. Launch you canoe from this end. This will help preserve the hard work of the 'Beavers'.


This pond is located in a town called "Deering" in NH State. It lies ahead of Goffstown and shares the same Zip code of Hillsboro. If you are going to get a directional map from 'Yahoo' or 'Map Quest' type in the destination address as " Falls road, off old county road, Deering, NH-03244".

Some tips: From whichever location you are coming, turn left on DEERING CENTER ROAD and continue on NH-149.Bear left on FISHER RD, then turn left on WOLF HILL ROAD, then turn left on OLD COUNTY ROAD, then turn Right on FALLS ROAD and travel for 1/4th of a mile and you will hit the pond on the Right.


"Deering Preserve", Society for the protection of New Hampshire Forests.

Trip Details

  • Trip Duration: Day Trip
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Canoeing
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

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