A lovely paddle on a summer night.

by  PhotoJim
  • The iron railway bridge.

    The iron railway bridge.

  • An area of cliffs along the water.

    An area of cliffs along the water.

  • Some areas are more obviously prairie. Nice variety along the river.

    Some areas are more obviously prairie. Nice variety along the river.

A self-supported trip created by PhotoJim

Trip Overview

This was my first time paddling Wakamow, as I've only been a boat owner for a few weeks. Some friends recommended we go there (they go regularly). It's a pleasant 40-minute drive from my home in Regina.

Once in Moose Jaw, it's easy to get to the park and there's ample parking. It was quiet, especially considering it was a Thursday afternoon ahead of a Friday long weekend.

The put-in is narrow but ample for 2-3 kayaks or one or two canoes. There is also a dock if you prefer.

The river itself is absolutely lovely! Water levels right now are, I understand, fairly high and my friends reported that we went further upstream than they had ever gone before. If you paddle to your left, this is the upstream direction and you can go furthest this way. Downstream to the right, it's a shorter run (though still a decent one, judging by the maps; we didn't go this way) before you hit a weir. There is a weir upstream, too, but it is several kilometres away and the river becomes narrower and siltier as you go this way. You would probably have to portage once or twice to get this far.

The river changes in character as you go. Sometimes it's heavily reeded. Sometimes it's quite forested. Sometimes it has sheer eroded cliffs quite close to the water. We paddled late in the day, and within an hour of sunset, the amount of wildlife increased dramatically. We saw deer (very close along the water's edge), beaver, mink, and muskrat as well as many species of birds.

At one point you pass under a set of three bridges - two road bridges and an iron railway bridge that is quite handsome. If you're used to more natural settings, this is extremely interesting! Sections of the river pass along cottaged areas. Other areas feel very natural.

We spent about three hours on the water. You could easily spend more if you add the downstream direction from the put-in, and you could spend less by going a shorter distance or by going faster. We paddled at quite a relaxed pace because the lovely environment begged for it.

Water conditions were good - mostly flat with a mild current. Water seems to be at most about a metre (3') or so deep. There are areas where you will need to stay closer to the middle to avoid your paddle hitting the bottom, but it's not difficult.

This is a great way of seeing the river - I highly recommend this very beginner-suitable paddle, even if you're more experienced.

Safety Notes

Very safe away from the weirs. We did not approach the weirs but I understand they are obvious.

Gear Notes

Delta 15.5GT (w/ rudder), two Pelican 10' sit-ins.


Mostly sunny, breezy (30G50 km/h at put-in; became calm by end). Valley very sheltered, so wind a minimal issue. Smooth water. Temperature ~22 C (72 F).

Portage Notes

No portages required in normal conditions, unless you want to go as far upstream as you can possibly go or you'd like to get past the weirs.

Trip Details

  • Trip Dates: 6/30/2022
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, River/Creek (Up to Class II)

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