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Name: Carolinepaddler

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First timer, since I left scouts. I bought this two years ago with the drop stitch floor. It has worked well and let me get comfortable and decide to move on. The setting of pressures is critical to getting the boat to work well and feel stable. The only issue i ever had was working against or side to the wind as it is quite high out of the water. It is quite surprisingly fast. It is stable such that i only fell out once. There are only TWO tubes really as the others are around the combing and raise the front deck. The biggest issue, being in Ireland where it is generally wet or cold or both on the same day it was sunny in the morning is drying the unit out. It is very heavy and i had trouble moving it beyond where the trolley got, so i got a dolly wheel and long bolt and put it through where the rudder goes to avoid the damage that happened to the bottom.