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Yes, as noted in other reviews, there was some huge hiccups in production and communication. I actually didn't think communication was that bad. I think there was only one email I sent that didn't get responded to personally. So I'll just give my review based on the boat itself. As you can see I gave it 5-stars! Considering it's market is as a portable traveling kayak, I really was not expecting it to be as comfortable as it was! I really felt in sync with the boat right from the first time I sat in it. Right now, I actually wish I bought a second one with the Kickstarter deal! One thing that can't be stressed enough but might take a bit to explain: The boat uses a frame under the skin that is tightened with a system of jacks. You can actually add more or less pressure by pumping the jacks which adds to or takes away from the rocker (curve) of the bottom of the boat. So on smooth water I use less pressure on the jacks and it keeps the boat straightened out for better tracking, but if waves start to pick up, a few pumps on the center jack will cause the rocker to increase, allowing for much more play and maneuverability. I actually did an unofficial test...with no rocker it was about 7 strokes (each side? I don't quite remember...very unofficial) for a 360-degree turn. Adding rocker reduced it to 4 strokes! It's a very noticeable difference. Having a Trak 2.0 is like going out onto the water with two different boats at once! I haven't taken it apart and put it back together a bunch of times like others may have. So yea, it took me quite a bit longer than 10 minutes to get together. But since then, I've left it together and just put it on the roof of my car to transport it like any other boat. I haven't seen a need to take it apart yet, thought I really should for practice and maintenance. So because I haven't taken it apart, it has been functioning as my main boat at the moment. I'm just that comfortable with it.