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Name: paddler786170

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My kayak being just under 16 feet, I could've purchased either of the Danuu Dude (14-16 ft) cover and the Buddy (15-18 ft). I ended up opting for the longer narrower option. As a result there is a lot of extra fabric at bow and stern. The cinch straps work nicely to still ensure a snug fit. I use it for storage and have not used it while car-topping. The wrap-around straps give me peace of mind that the cover will stay on in wind. I added an extra tie in the loops in between which covers the cockpit sufficiently that I no longer use a cockpit cover. The heavy canvas is water repellent and light rain beads off. Although expensive, it is easier to get over the kayak and stays on better than the simple tarp I was using previously, which maximizes my time on the water.