Name: Robert-O

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I purchased the tandem AE kayak in 2019 and have had it out several times with my wife; I wanted a two person kayak that did not take up the whole garage! It arrived when they said it would and I read the directions before inflating as the sequence is very important. I have owned and also built strip built kayaks and canoes. I bought the complete package because I wanted all the accessories all at once since I have made the mistake in the past of waiting and not being able to get them at a later date for other products. The AE tandem kayak checked off my list of 'wants' for an inflatable kayak or any kayak for that matter, I have listed below for easy reading. 1> compact and easy to store (we store it under the basement steps) 2> 2 place, convertible to 1 place 3> converts to single paddler by moving the set to the middle, this is a big plus as most hard two place kayaks do not offer this and paddle badly from the back position 4> the deck can be zipped in or out as needed and I have the single paddle deck too 5> we upgraded to the rigid floor, I think this is a must upgrade> 6> lumbar support! I'm 6'3". Also I have plenty of leg room 7> lots of on deck storage and some below front deck 8> fit and finish are excellent, not to be overlooked at this price! Paddling it is very enjoyable, tracks straight *(see below on this) even on a windy day and has very little weathervaning problems. you're probably not going to win races with this but it moves along faster then I would have guessed. Inflation time is said to be about ten minutes, weellll maybe 15 to 20 but I'm getting faster each time out so maybe this is not too far off. *If the kayak has been stored for a long time the skeg can get bent and you will go around in circles, ask me how I know, so to remedy this after inflating turn the kayak over and let the sun heat it up a bit and use your hands to knead it back to straight, this is not hard to do and should be done each time out. I think stars are silly, except the one that keeps us alive but ok I give it a 5.