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There are plenty of reviews out there describing the Taran; however, I want to focus on one genius part of this boat that has not been replicated by other fast kayaks. The bow. The bow of the Taran is unlike other fast sea kayaks in that it won’t stay submerged and catch while surfing (some surf skis do have this feature). Normally when the bow of a kayak goes underwater while surfing it will submerge and slow the kayak or even catch and flip the boat. However the bow of the Taran is shaped like a knife edge on the top, this combined with its sheer volume allows it to plunge underwater and slice its way to the surface; the kayak retains its speed, doesn’t flip, and keeps on riding the wave. You have to see it to appreciate it. A purely genius feature that, to me, puts the Taran above other fast sea kayaks in its class. Otherwise I find the Taran to be more stable than described by most and every bit as fast and well built as everyone says. If the people at Rockpool read this I have two words for you: Tandem Taran.

Don’t buy anything else. This is the light you want. Best design on the market by far.

Don’t waste your money. The top white LEDs are directional and facing straight up. Although there is some diffuser that directs their light to the side, it’s not much. The red and green side LED’s are even worse. They are typically crooked, dim and pointless. Unless you are 2 feet away from this light no one is going to see the red vs green sides. If you want some icing on this cake, the LEDs on my light were soaked after is second use and stopped working. Probably because the suction cup is terrible and wouldn’t hold. Seattle Sports makes some good equipment... this is not it.

I own both the new (EF-30A-1) and older versions of this strobe. I can without a doubt say it is the brightest strobe currently on the market per its size - it is the only one nearing bright enough to truly be called an electronic flare, minus a laser that requires handheld operation. I’ve owned many others made by the big companies and they don’t come close. It’s not the cheapest, but do you really want the cheapest survival gear? It’s clear to me that other strobe brands are selling to make a profit; N. American Survival is selling to make the brightest and best light they can.

I keep my strobe to the top of my PFD so I can use it hands free in the worst case scenario I am swimming and away from my boat at night. That said it sometimes takes a little beating and is frequently submerged. I’ve had zero issues. My only want for this light is a better attachment point, possibly a different form factor that places the LEDs in the center of a housing. That said, this strobe is an essential piece of my kit and I’d never buy a different brand.