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There are many watercraft on the market and many of them are good products. Native Watercraft's Ultimate 12 is in a class of its own. The initial stability makes it comfortable for beginner and experienced paddler alike; the secondary stability from the Tunnel Hull makes it easy to stand and sight fish...a treat for anglers using spinning, casting, or fly gear. With the spacious open deck area, one can easily pack dry bags for overnight camping or coolers and gear for a day on the water. In addition to the space, the adjustable seat makes for a comfortable ride. The Ultimate tracks equally well in moving river water and still lake/pond water and the shallow draft enables the paddler to get into those prime spots for angling. Lastly, the sturdy and light, mid-forty pound shell makes it easy to transport and use in a variety of environments. I've had mine for over ten years and consider the purchase one of the best decisions/investments ever.