Name: Gib

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Four years ago I transitioned from whitewater to flatwater kayaking, (Turning 60 can do that to you.) I scoured the internet and found a used Lincoln Quoddy Light in excellent condition in a neighboring state. It's a dream. First off, at 12'6" and under 35lbs (fiberglass construction), it's easy for me to car top to our local lakes here in central WV. Once on the water, it's even better. The hull is an asymmetric design with a slightly pronounced keel throughout its length, so it cuts the water like a warm knife thru butter - straight and true. Thanks to the soft chine and 25" beam, it's very stable - I have to work to tip it. This all adds up to a smooth, stable, relatively fast boat. The seat is not adjustable, but it and the backband are comfortable. And the thigh braces and foot pegs lock you in for a responsive feel - enough so that I'm learning to edge-turn... pretty cool for an old guy! With front and rear bulkheads and storage hatches, there's plenty of space for an overnighter. I'm no expert, but I think the Quoddy Light would be stable and predictable enough, in the right hands, to venture onto much bigger water, like the Chesapeake Bay, or Pamlico Sound.