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This is a follow up review on the Pelican 120DT. After a bit of research I found out that this boat is really an Elie Straight 120 re-branded as a Pelican Kayak. No matter, it is still a very good kayak. If you are looking for more reviews go to the Elie Straight reviews on It is fast, easy handling and lightweight. The price is around $500 less than other similar kayaks. So far it has been a joy to use. There are, however, just a couple of week points. When practicing braces and re-entry techniques the boat took on about a quart of water through the rear hatch. In fact there is a sticker on the inside of the rear hatch cover warning of leakage. I like the simple latches on the hatch and wonder if there is some way to waterproof it. The seat is very comfortable and easy to adjust ON LAND. I couldn't get the adjustment straps to move while on the water.

I reciently bought this very good looking kayak at R.E.I. I am pleased with the finish and nice details. I have been out a few times in the saltwater and some fresh water lakes. The Sprint 120DT makes paddling so much more fun. It is way faster than my old kayak and glides so much better. The seat is very comfortable and easy to adjust. Likewise the foot braces. At only 44 lbs. it is easy to load on my roof rack. My enthusiasm for paddling has gone way up. A great boat - especially for the money.