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Name: paddler537193

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This WAS a good boat. Light for it's size, tracked well, fairly quick. After about 18 months(in May of 2019) the thermoplastic began to crack around the carry handles, eventually breaking so that now there is but a hole in the deck where the handles once attached. The boat was under a 3-year warranty, which stated simply that Wilderness would repair or replace the boat for defects, at their option. Since they don't make the boat anymore and they couldn't repair it, I expected a credit for the purchase price at my dealer so that I could purchase an equal boat. After 3 months they finally offered just under 1/2 of the purchase price as a credit. This is deficient. I am thoroughly dissatisfied, will never purchase another wilderness systems product, and cannot recommend the company to anyone. My recommendation is, buy your boat from a company that stands behind it's product.