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Name: Paulo-Ouellet

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I’ve been using this paddle exclusively for a few years and I love it.

Great for Greenland techniques

The shoulder is just the right size. Small enough to allow the paddle to slide easily in your hands, but there is still enough shoulder to let you know at what angle the blade is, so it’s easy to control with precision, with only a loose grip.

The shape of the blades, and the sharp edges make it smooth for paddling and sculling. I let my students use it because it’s perfect for getting them accustomed to the Greenland style of paddling.

My favorite part is the stiffness. I like a paddle which bends as you paddle, but it also needs to flex back with power, like a bow. I’ve been using a Greenland paddle exclusively for 20 years and this paddle has the best flex of any paddles I have tried.


I accidentally slammed it in the car door once. I don’t mean where the latch is. I mean near the hinge. I heard a crack, and I thought for sure it was broken. Not a scratch on it, and I never had any water get inside.

It’s a two piece paddle but you would never know it when paddling. The joint is still firm.

I love that you can change the tips. That’s where most of the wear happens when you hit rocks as you paddle.

I recommend the Gearlab paddles to my friends, and many of them have one and love it.