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I spent months reading reviews, watching videos, and demoing several different kayaks. I originally was set on getting a pedal drive (Old Town, Feel Free Lure, or Hobie) but finally decided I didn't really need one. I had heard about Kaku via social media but the closest dealer to me was 1.5 hours away. I made the trek and bought it after trying at least 5 or 6 other paddle kayaks. I've used it several times and here are my thoughts.

I was so impressed how well the Wahoo paddled and tracked compared to the others in the same price range. I recall another one may have been faster but it was more expensive and bigger. I didn't want something bigger than 12 feet. I wanted one I could put in my truck without a bed extender and one I could transport by myself. (This dealer also had the 12.5 out back wrapped up and it seemed HUGE to me).. Since I've had it on the water, sometimes it doesn't track as well as my first time demoing it but this is probably due to my paddle style, weather conditions, or due to my son being on the back sometimes. My wife is small framed and had no trouble with it on a bay with some small waves/wake with our son on the back (he's 8 and weighs about 60 lbs).

I love the simplicity of the Wahoo. I'm 6'1", 225lbs. It has plenty of room for what I need and the right amount of features (2 rod holders, dry storage, adjustable foot pegs, deck storage area). It is just light enough for me to carry by myself short distances but it is difficult and bulky/awkward. I got a basic cart and it can be difficult getting it on and staying on due to the hull design. The seat is very good but I haven't been out longer than an hour or two. I did have minor issues (see below) but they were immediately addressed. It is very stable but I have not mastered standing up for long periods in it yet.

The best part about this kayak so far has been the customer service. They are a small, fairly new company out of Florida and are very attentive to their customers. The owner himself reached out to me to address a small tear in my seat and when another issue arose, customer service responded almost immediately to address the issue. Overall, very happy that my extensive search landed on the Kaku Wahoo.