Name: Kramster

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I bought 2 as soon as they came to market. These are a great deal in the land of Hobie MirageDrive kayaks and are well made with the new 2 piece body manufactured design. They can handle 100 lbs more payload than the Sports, the smallest model, without being much bigger. Stability is great and they are set up for fishing if needed with rod holders and dual mounting tracks for accessories. The seat is comfortable enough and is easily removed when you stop somewhere as a nice handy beach chair. Cool! Not the fastest Hobies of course as not their design, but when you add the turbo fins, which is extra cost, you can get a little more speed as with all the Mirage models when added. They are stackable, but probably just for a short time for transport. I don't like leaving weight on kayaks especially in the 1000 degree Summers here in Phoenix. I managed to get both in my 2016 Sorento with seats flat and passenger seat all the way forward and only sticking 15 inches out the back. I have a trailer for them now that I adopted from a single jet ski trailer. I have owned 6 Hobies and several other kayaks previously so I know some about these kayaks. I recommend these as a fun, all around pleasure and fishing kayak. Both of my thumbs are up. Check them out. (I don't work for or in anyway connected to Hobie. Just a fan of fun.)

I bought 2 as soon as they came out and could get them. . I have had 2 Sports and 1 Revolution 11 and 3 Revolution 13s. Not as fast as the Revos of course but more stable and can carry more wait than the Sports. Seat is comfy and supportive enough. I am 5' 10" and 205lbs. I'll add turbo fins soon and if they have a bigger rudder as well and then will be a 5 star... but then great price point is passed... but many get turbos for the other kayaks anyway. Cant beat the price to get into a new Hobie.