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Name: Jkruger

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I have the heavy layup and I love this kayak. It paddles great in flat water. Surfs great. Highly maneuverable. Easy to roll and very good initial and secondary stability. The best kayak for bumpy waters.

If you are a sea kayaker on the move and like to travel but want a a kayak you know then look no further. The kayak fold into a wheeled travel bag that comes in at around 50 lbs. As for the kayak it is easy to assemble and has a super tough skin. It has decent initial stability and great performance. The hard chines add to its ability to edge and it rolls like a hard shell. It can hold a fair amount of equipment in the flotation bags so it is good for kayak camping. Not as easy to load as a kayak with hatches and bulkheads but you can not take those on a plane. With the adjustable rocker it has great tracking and surf ability. Thigh braces are adjustable and has adjustable foot pegs. Great kayak for travelers and paddlers low on storage space.

This portable kayak is easy to assemble and disassemble. No issues repacking it into its travel case and there is plenty of room to put my PFD and 4 piece paddle in the bag. Responsive on the water and has great edging properties. Rolls well and tracks better than expected. It is also very versatile with the ability to change the rocker. Paddles well in following seas and in choppy waters as we get on the Chesapeake Bay. Performs much like a hard shell kayak which I did not expect from a portable kayak.