Name: Papa_Smores

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Stopped into Rutabaga Paddlesports in Monona, WI. I spoke with Kate and explained that it has been 35 years since I paddled. she showed me several style of paddles in a range of prices. When I picked up the Explorer, there was only one more question "Where's the check out!" "Hold on their cowboy" Kate said "Let's get you fitted first!" From the minute I hit the water I knew that this was the right paddle. the grip and feel, wet or dry is perfect. My last paddle was about eight miles, four down and what felt like ten back. Not a single blister or hot spot. I have even hit a few rocks, harder than what I cared to. The first thing I thought was "oh boy, oh boy, oh boy" NOT EVEN A SCRATCH!!! I also like splashing Jura, my faithful companion, so you could say they are "Jura Approved" Bottom line is, you get what you pay for and sometimes you get SO much more!!!

Greetings Friends, For the past few years I have been hefting my 59lb Old Town Camper from my car to the water. Then walking back to my car for my gear. Recently I purchased a used Old Town Camper for a friend. It came with a Malone Clipper two wheel cart. We went for a test run and used the Malone to make ONE trip to the water. The Malone worked like a dream. The Malone breaks down flat, making it super easy to leave in the canoe while we paddled. When I arrived at home, the first thing I did was ordered one from my local Canoe outfitter. I cannot believe that I didn't do this sooner! It is a back saver!