Name: paddler485183

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I was interested in this kayak for many years but was always hesitant to purchase due to the hull not having scuppers and not being self-bailing. I finally broke down and decided to purchase one, and I’m very glad that I did. I’ve taken this kayak out in some pretty rough water and have not had any issues with the it taking water over the sides. The only time I really have issues with water intrusion is when it rains but absorbing with a sponge or cheap manual bilge pump is a quick fix. The pros far outweigh that con. The boat is fast and tracks really well. When fishing heavy foliage, I can pull the drive and easily paddle as needed. The rail mounted storage compartment that comes with the kayak is an awesome accessory. I added two additional rod holders to the compartment for holding up to 4 rods. The Propel drive is unmatched in my opinion. This is a tried and tested drive system that is very durable. The bicycle pedaling motion requires very little effort and the instant hands free reverse is the only way to go. This kayak is quickly becoming my favorite kayak I’ve ever fished out of.