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After a lot of research I bought a Twist 1 for my wife for our trip to Hawaii. It's light weight and the compact design makes it excellent for traveling, and on the water it is stable, nimble, and easy to handle. It was a joy to use. It's light weight does make it vulnerable to cross winds, but it's so easy to paddle (once you develop the necessary skill) it's very versatile. She used it in the bays and lagoons without any issues, sitting up high enough to be able to see and enjoy every-thing, but not so high as to compromise its balance (and it's wide enough to make it very difficult to cause any problems in that area). You do have to use some common sense. The skeg is not permanently attached, and will break off if you hit an obstacle hard enough. To be fair, this would happen to any skeg with a similar design. If you wanted more directional stability, a little imagination and effort could make the skeg larger, adding to its steadiness. That would also help compensate for a paddler's inexperience. Like everything else, it is designed for certain things, and not everything. Taking its purpose into account, it is an excellent choice for uses. Attachable accessories are available from multiple sources to make it the perfect kayak for you. 

One note: I bought ours on Amazon and after using it discovered it was the discontinued model after seeing a newer one. Still and excellent kayak, but the "bait and switch" thing was pretty annoying.