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Name: Peter

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I purchased an Innova Safari 3 M in 2010. It is a very solid and well made product. The following are my comments. 1. It is 14 kg so far too heavy to be accepted in an airline overhead locker despite the Innova claim. 2. To backpack it is possible, but consider that you must also carry in the pump, the carry bag and the paddle so the real weight will be closer to 18 kg. 3. I have had mine for around 7 or 8 years now, used it about 20 to 30 times. Always washed in clean water after use and stored in a dry room out of sun. My kayak has now come apart on all four seams at the bow and stern (2 bow, 2 stern) an these seams need complete re-gluing. These are not seams on the inflated chambers but more to provide shape to the boat. 4. The new Safari is longer at 3.3 meters and also wider. The extra length for the new model is a good change for larger paddlers. 5. Do remember that it is very easy to be one or two kilometres offshore in an inflatable to avoid reefs etc. This is a long way to swim if by chance one of the inflated chambers deflates! Consider this if you are choosing an inflatable over a plastic or fibreglass kayak. ALWAYS WEAR A LIVE VEST.