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Name: Russ_Suender

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Have had a few problems with the kayak.At least tracking is better than average.I'm in the process of ordering an anchor quick release system,and anchor float for it for safety sake.I added two handles port and starboard as the kayak didn't come with them(you'd think Sun Dolphin could've added them)I put on my own anchor trolley system,with anchor.The lettering(Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS)is peeling off on it's own possibly from moisture/water splashing on it.I'll just peel it off.You'd think the boat was made in China,cheaply made.Otherwise,it gets me in the water.I almost returned it to buy a better kayak because the seat,the worst part of it,is very uncomfortable.I bought my own seat which is much better.I bought it because the price seemed right,$359.You get what you pay for.Altogether it's just a little less than average.