Name: paddler427926

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I was looking a for a good all around boat for paddling most places in the lower peninsula of Michigan. Types of paddling I was looking for with this boat are small to medium sized rivers class 1, and small lakes and inlets. I wanted something better than a big box store brand with a good reputation. It also needed to carry me a 6 foot 235 lbs man with some extra gear. I love this boat! It is well made, tracks well, has plenty of room for short trips, and is very stable. It does not turn on a dime but what 12' boats do? The only thing I would have taken a half star away for is that there is a rough edge under the front edge of the cockpit that sometimes scrapes my legs but I have learned to avoid it. I would recommend this boat to anyone looking to paddle the same type of waters. This boat is my baby!