Name: Peter_S

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Purchased from the manufacturer a lightly used Quoddy Light back in October of 2017. I was only able to get out on the water 6 or 7 times before it got too cold but am dreaming of getting back on the water!

First stroke of the paddle and I knew I had made the right purchase. The Quoddy Light paddles effortlessly and is extremely light, as previous reviewers have commented. I like to say that it is deceptively light, I can lift it with one hand! I have no problem lifting this boat over my head to put it on my truck racks.

Adjusting the foot pegs is a simple twist and pull/push on a graduated rail inside the cockpit. The padded backrest is also fully adjustable to your comfort. The fit and finish of all Lincoln kayaks is impeccable, they are truly beautiful boats. You can expect to get a lot of questions and comments, Oooing and Ahhhing about your kayak, especially as you breeze pass other (slower) paddlers! I visited the manufacturing facility and was able to meet the owner (Marc Bourgoin, great guy) and witness the production process, ingenious and very cool! Well worth the trip if you live in New England.

I am planning/looking forward to some overnight trips on Cape Cod this Spring. The Quoddy light has ample storage for my gear. I am really aching to get back on the water in this incredible Kayak!