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I have owned an Samba for two years and had the time to get use to it and to modify the seat to fit my slightly too big body to fit. The boat is designed for small paddler. At 5'11" and 165-lbs, the seat didn't work at all, being mounted too far forward and mounted too high off the hull, the front of the seat cut into the back of my legs, cutting off circulation. The seat was modified to sit as far rearward as possible and was cut down and dropped so the seat almost touches the bottom of the boat. The front of the seat was lowered.too, letting me stretch out without cutting the circulation in my legs. Now the boat fits like glove and it joy to paddle. It is narrower kayak than I have previously owned and does take more attention to paddle but in return, it is a blast to paddle in most conditions . It carves turns quickly, the result of a lot of rocker and tracks straight in windy conditions by dropping the skeg a little. It's a fun playboat but not really much of touring boat with its limited storage. It isn't an issue for me, having have a 17' Necky for touring.

Eddyline would do well to offer a seat for us larger paddlers. The only real downside is the keyhole cockpit, it is difficult to get my legs out quickly when landing, leading to me falling over a couple times when landing on a steep launching ramp, a little embarrassing and annoying after spending a day playing in the waves without incident. Cool little boat, I have not found anything else close to it.