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Name: Daves-Canoe

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A unique solo boat

I've had the NEXT out 8 times this season and so far it's been a great boat. I have yet to get it on a river, but plan to. It's easy to paddle, its shape lends well to efficiency. It's heavy for its size but feels extremely durable. The seat is ok for me for about 2 hours at a time. It's never come unmounted but I weigh 150 so I'm not flexing the boat much. Looking at the seat, I expected it to be more comfortable than it is for me.

This boat has gotten some looks at the public lakes I've taken it to. A guy wanted to rent it. lol. I was walking back to the boat to haul it back to the jeep and he was standing next to the NEXT. As I got to the boat he asked me if I was going to be renting it. I said, " nope, but I am going to take it home." The guy looked confused as I picked up the boat and put it on my shoulder and walked back up the trail.

On the water, the boat dances left and right under semi hard to hard paddling. Seems to track to the right mostly as well. I've got to go an extra stroke on the right side about every 5 cycles to keep it going straight in calm water/ winds. Being right handed I expected a pull to the left. Not sure why it's so right biased. Seems fast to me also. It doesn't take but a few strokes to get to top speed. I was actually very pleasantly surprised about the speed for only being 13ft long.

Overall, it's a nice little boat that needs a diet. I wish Old Town offered a carbon or other exotic material, make this same size/design sub 30lbs.