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Stock seat makes sense

I bought a 2001 Pack about three months ago and have used it about six times. I use the seat in what I think is the factory position, which is with 1.5" drop-downs from the gunnel. The original 1.5" drop-downs were cracking, so I made some from a 3/4" diameter birch dowel. Like others, I found that it likes to be packed full of camping gear--tracks better, sits lower in the water for better handling with wind, and is more stable. This canoe is multi-purpose for sure, but I think the ultimate use is for packing gear for camping. The high seat position allows you to store more under it, and the high position also gives you better leverage for paddling. I'm not a super experienced paddler, but I've found that with that seat position, a 54" wide-bladed Bending Branches paddle gives more power and speed than a kayak paddle. That position and the short, 12 ft. length are insurance against high winds, which are pretty standard in the Oregon Cascades. A Crazy Creek canoe seat helps keep you centered and balanced.