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Lincoln Quoddy Light Kayak -- Why I love It

I just bought my third Lincoln Kayak, a Quoddy Light Carbon. Here's why. Lincoln boats are nicely designed, very lightweight, and won't bust your bank account. I want a kayak with a snug fit for efficient paddling, light enough to carry easily alone, including getting it on and off the car unassisted, on the shorter side so it can be easily stored and transported without catching too much wind on the car top, and handsomely styled.

I've had my Lincolns out in big waves and even done some surfing. Now I'm 69 years old and that's why I chose the Quoddy Carbon. I can carry this 29 lb. kayak on my shoulder for a considerable distance to launch, and I can easily carry it, alone, out of the water even when it has gear in the storage compartments, so I can go back and help my wife with her Quoddy Light. People we see often compliment me on our kayaks and ask about them.

If you are looking for a lightweight, stable boat, with styling and for a reasonable price, this Lincoln model is the way to go. Their longer touring boats are great too. Note: Most of our paddling is done in Midcoast Maine -- Muscongus Bay out of Bremen, Merchants Row out of Stonington, etc.