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Name: barry2112

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Join the Pack, if you can find one!

I just latched onto a used ’88 Pack canoe for $400, and now know what everybody is raving about with this boat! So glad I didn’t bite on the last few new Packs in Waterport at $400 over list! I didn’t lower the seat, as many have done here, but did replace it and move it forward to about 3” behind center. This is very close to where the seats on my other solo canoes (Moccasin, Serenade, Ladybug) are set for my size paddler to get optimum trim when unloaded, except for me! Tried the boat out today and had a blast, steady as a rock, not tossed about in the wind, and tracked fairly well with both a straight and double paddle. Would have stayed out longer but was chased off the water by a thunderstorm. I can only guess that many of the criticisms expressed here about tracking and stability of the OT Pack are due to users not properly trimming the boat, either with load or by adjusting the seat position forward. With the stock seat location, the average paddler will find the bow much too high resulting in a ‘tippy’ and poorly tracking canoe. Don’t blame the Pack!

The Hunter is a Fisherman Too!

I can't understand sometimes why a mfg chooses to drop a model, must be too close to another model or sales are too slow to be profitable, but the OT Hunter is a great canoe! Just picked one up used, love Royalex boats and this is a perfect size for one or two adults, plus a small child or canine! Plus she easily cartops even on our small Mazda 3! No keel means no hangups on rocks and underwater obstructions. I use it mostly for fishing, as speed and agility is not my focus, but stability and utility.

If you can find one, you should try it! The specs are very similar to the Wenonah Fisherman 14.

A definite winner

I picked up a barely used Serenade 13 fiberglass and fell in love. On open water, she presents a low profile to laugh at the wind. The comfort seating system allowed me to trim her for a short squat paddler like myself.

She was my first shallow V hull, and I loved the way she tracked when paddled hard, much nicer than my other canoes. The light weight puts her well above the OT Next and other hybrids on the market.