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Adjust, adjust, adjust

If you're looking for a challenge, you found it. Adjusting is the name of the game with this kayak rack. It took me nearly an hour to set it up, (initial installation) due to the constant adjusting for the kayak to sit well on the saddles. Distributing the weight of the kayak was another story. The pads that hold the kayak in place are fantastic; work perfect. The unpleasant part is adjusting the kayak so it sits balanced on the car... basically you can't. The rubber padding does not let you, it grips the kayak really well causing a challenge between you, the saddles and thinking of what to cover the rubber pads with to make the process simpler. My process,i had to open the doors,take a step up and bicep curl a 17 ft kayak. After the kayak was finally on the rack correctly......adjust,adjust,adjust,adjust,adjust a few more times.