Name: JmeDaws

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The Tiderace Xceed is an amazing all-around boat. We all look for the unicorn that can tour, day paddle, surf, rock garden. This is about as close as it gets. I am 6'2 190lbs with size 11 feet and fit the standard. This boat is swift at over 4kt consistently. Fit is what TideRace is all about and I can't argue that. I fit snugly and have great control of the kayak however I would say the back band is a bit stiff. Honestly, I sat in it and paddled it for a 5-hour paddle on the first try and came back feeling like it had always been my boat. No surprises, just paddled as it should. Construction is next level. I have the HardCore and I love the strength, durability, and look. The carbon coaming and seat pan are a nice touch. It also has carbon day pods which are cool. No expense spared in the build that is for sure. Built with an epoxy resin you can tell they (Nelo) build top-notch performance paddling kayaks. Prices are in the same mix as CD, Romany, P&H, Valley. But, I don't think you could put them in the same class regarding build quality or performance, TR comes out on top. This thing is a beast in big water. That seamless look too!! Nelo has done an amazing job bringing these back and I hope people take notice. Buy one!