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I run a paddling group in the greater DC metro area of several hundred kayakers, and one of our new members decided to purchase her first kayak from an outfitter "up north" so that she could join us on every trip rather than on only those where rentals are available. She bought her kayak from Blue Mountain Outfitters in Marysville, PA. She found the boat to be easy to handle, and she could get it on the rooftop of her small car nicely, using a set of rooftop saddles and a blanket on the ground and another blanket on the edge of the car's rear to slide the kayak up and down. She paddled it on lakes, all over the Potomac River, and even took it for a fishing expedition that we did over a weekend. The kayak is not too big and not too small, quite light to portage, having sturdy handles, with ample storage space within it and on top beneath the bungee cords. It tracks well, and is very maneuverable in the current. It is a perfect first-time kayak (as well as a good boat for someone getting on in years like me). Its smaller size makes it very easy to store, and the boat l;ooks really nice as well. It was a joy to see the paddler so happy in her new boat, looking forward to many future trips on the water with her Pungo 120 Ultralite.