Name: Bungee

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Fabulous boat. Fast, superb tracking, great edging with those hard chines, very comfortable seat when properly adjusted, and it really does paddle like a hardshell. Beautiful too.

The skin, under tension, is surprisingly firm, and so far smoothly handled all the obstacles I ran into.

I love being able to end my paddle and take out at any launch, just packing up the kayak into its travel bag and catching a ride. I don't have to paddle back to the launch point or figure out a kayak transport. So I can see more stuff, or adjust the length of the trip on the fly depending on conditions. (I carry the travel bag rolled up in my stern drybag, after removing the bag's velcroed back stiff plate).

Setup is very easy. The written instructions are clear and the instruction videos ("TRAK Foundations") are very helpful. After putting it together once, I got the hang of it and don't need to look up the instructions again

A lot of very smart engineering went into this boat. It's clearly inspired by Feathercrafts of lore, but with many lessons, tricks and new materials that drastically simplify assembly.

@THORPIN's review raises a good point, about how bending the tubes the wrong way can lead to the ball joints dislocating where the tubes connect to the stern connect to the tubes. Happened to me too, but wasn't hard to fix after reading @THORPIN's advice. As they say, the trick is to pull out the black plastic inset at the end of the tube; then you can separate the two halves of the inset, put the metal ball back inbetween the two halves, and push the whole assembly back into the tube. The tricky part is that to pull out the plastic inset, you need to press down on its small plastic circles while *pushing* it out by inserting something long and thin from the *other* end of the tube. A straightened wire hanger works great! So I now keep a wire hanger (folded up) in my TRAK bag. And two tiny pieces of foam to more easily press in the small plastic circles. Just note that you need to push hard on the wire hanger, since you're overcoming both the friction of the plastic inset and the force of the bungee cord (tied to the inset from the inside). So yeah, those ball joints are a delicate part of the assembly, but even if they dislocate, it’s just a few minutes to fix.