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Name: Pipes530

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Absolutely the BEST tracking 10.5 yak around. Can’t beat the drop skeg & since I added the Yakattack tracks.....I have a fishing machine. Seat is added comfort bonus & easily can spend 2+ hours on the water.

Daughter was ready for an upgrade on her yak & she choose the 115 Expression with the drop skeg. Amazing yak & she’s built for speed. Tracks like a champ and is light enough for one person to carry. She absolutely loves it.

Lets keep this simple. The Native Watercraft 14.5T is aptly named as it IS the ULTIMATE in fishing kayaks. I spent 4hrs. both standing and sitting in the kayak this past Sunday and it met all expectations & the only problem I experienced was the First Class seat was so comfortable... I did not want to get out of the kayak. Yes... it is that comfortable. Standing in the craft also meets all expectations in its stability. Make no mistake, Native Watercraft is the apex of kayak engineering and you will not be disappointed.
10+ in my book.