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Name: Peday

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Ok., so I haven't been into the paddle sport thing for very long. I Have been into power boats and have always loved the water or for that matter, anything outdoors. So I decided I would try a paddle. In 2015 I bought an entry level ($200) kayak; no names yet. I loved it. We have some great creeks here in Ky to float on. So my with my appetite wetted I decided to go to the next level in 2016. Internet searching, youtubing and the like. I decided I would rather have a roomy open cockpit but I like the sit in style. This led me to reviewing the Old Town Next. Needless to say that is where my heart fell. So off I go to buy one. Best decision I've made. I have had this thing on the water almost every weekend since March. It has proved everything that it is supposed to do. Double paddle; yes and this is great. It behaves just like a kayak. For a novice as myself I have found it tracks very well and you can be up to max speed in a few strokes. I can outrun all my buddies riding in their yaks. Stability I questioned until I spent an hour in this boat. I am almost comfortable enough to stand up in it. I can definately fly fish from it without any issues. And speaking of comfort, I give Old Town an A+ on their seat. I have a little age on me and some lower back issues. This seat is a game changer. I can sit all day without any pain. So all in all Old Town got it right on the NEXT. Great canoe/kayak hybrid. Looks like I will be getting one more for the wife.