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I recently purchased an Old Town Pack Canoe. I have had a 16' Mad River for years and wanted something I could load by myself. Being a smaller woman 5'4", 130lbs. it needed to be light. I love that the Pack was a light but stable boat. I use a 240cm. kayak paddle and my dog and I have been going out each weekend. It is a really nice canoe that I think will give me many years of enjoyment.

This is my 2nd year with my Pack. Still the first boat I select when heading out. Early this year I added the BB 260cm double bladed canoe paddle to my kit. Carry this and a single but the double is perfect for making time, heavy conditions, and very shallow water. From the kneeling position with either paddle I am locked in to the Pack and can work the canoe to whatever is presented.

Overnighting aboard is next for my Pack. I've done this in my kayaks (folders) but the Pack needs some additional prep. Step one was to fit loops to the hull/rail fasteners. Second was to run a perimeter cord around boat through the loops. Then it will be off to the sewing machine to make about the equivalent of a bivy rainfly. I'll tell you about the finished product next year...

Well, it has been a year with my Pack and about that much time since my first post. My Malecite, though a great canoe, is still hanging from the rafters.

I have switched to a canoe paddle. It seemed that kayak paddle technique bothered my hands and wrists whereas traditional canoe methods did not. It must be that advancing age thing. Found I lost some speed in the change from 3.25mph to 2.5. Tracking is within reason with good technique.

Disturbed; sorry the Pack did not work for you. Let me repeat, I paddle the Pack essentially backwards from the kneeling position. I use the seat as a work surface and the thwart as a brace for my behind. I use my thermarest (rolled in a stuffsack) under my ankles as a kneeling rest. I also use some kind of 1" X 2'X 3' ethafoam to kneel or sit upon. I would say I kneel 80% of the time.

For my touring load I use several Seal Line drybags and duffle and a Pelican hard case for my pantry. The Pelican fits under the seat and the drybags at the ends. When properly packed I still have room to rotate myself around, slide my legs under the thwart and then sort of up and around the aft dryduffle permitting me to laydown in the canoe. It is quite comfortable. There is nothing like laying down in a canoe on a cool but mostly sunny fall day watching the clouds float by. I have often fallen asleep on such outings. Soon, I will try overnighting like this once I make up a deck cover.

I still find the Pack to be a reasonable package in a small lightweight canoe that has worked for me.

Thanks to all you previous reviewers. Recently bought my Pack to primarily take…

Thanks to all you previous reviewers.
Recently bought my Pack to primarily take the place of my Mad River Malecite and a kayak. Like Jack with his Lamoille, my 62lb Malecite had become too much for me to handle to and from the car. It has been sitting for several years because of the hassle in handling. The kayak was just to confining for me.

Most of my activities are on bigger waters and I have found the Pack quite capable. I was in 1-2' waves yesterday and though busy maintaining control all went well.

I use my adjustable kayak paddle (BB Glide) set at 240cm. This works fine for kneeling but for sitting a 260 might be better. One of the reasons I went from a kayak back to a canoe was so I would have a choice in either sitting or kneeling.

I paddle my Pack backwards so to speak, bracing against the thwart and using the seat as a surface for my compass, camera, and other things. I contacted customer service to confirm the Pack was symmetrical, it is.
I really love the weight, or lack of it.