Name: phalfmann

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I have been paddling the 145 for 2 years and have used on calm lakes, slow rivers, and New England sea coast. I'm just under 6 feet tall and 200 lbs. The Tsunami is very comfortable with plenty of room, which is a blessing and a problem at the same time.

Last year I was very happy simply paddling with little maneuvering and using the rudder in rougher water in the ocean. I wish the cable to deploy rudder was heavier because you need to pull quite hard to drop the rudder. On my first pull the line separated from the round disc and I had to re-tie. The tsunami tracks very well and designed to travel straight, which is good for trips.

I have been taking sea kayaking classes and am a little disappointed in the responsiveness of the boat. Because it is designed to track straight, tight turns are very difficult compared to the other sea kayaks I've seen in class. My instructor explained the Tsunami is a fine touring boat but you will have a harder time turning with the rest of us. I am now taking rolling class and find the cockpit too large to properly hip snap. I will probably have to outfit the cockpit with extra padding to make rolling easier. That suggestion comes from my instructor.

I am still please with the boat but have to rate it a 7 because of my recent classes and the need for a more responsive boat, however when padding in the open water, this boat is great and I would rate a 9. One thing to remember is if you are going to use in water where a spray skirt is needed you will find swapping the backrest for a back band makes it much easier to fit the skirt.