Name: Re19

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I bought my Magic late in 2006 and have paddled it just enough to give my first impressions. Like sports cars and women I was attracted by it's looks, and the Bell Magic certainly caught my eye when I first saw it. No doubt this canoe is stunning to look at and even more so when it's afloat. The canoe attracts a lot of attention from other paddlers. I bought mine in black/gold with wood trim and cane seat, it weighs 34 lbs.
I have been using a 54 inch bent shaft paddle from various positions but kneeling is the best for me. Kneeling puts me in position to get the best performance from this canoe. It tracks better when I'm kneeling and requires less switching and it turns far better from the kneeling position, especially when I lean the canoe over. I've raised my seat two inches by cutting off the drops . This gives me just enough room to get my bare feet under the seat and with a kneeling pad I bought at Walmart I find it very comfortable. I've used a Werner Camano 240cm when crossing open water or just want to go fast but I expect over time, as I perfect my solo strokes I'll leave it home, as it is a rather boring way to paddle for me.
I find the canoe to be stable and with a little practice easy to stand in for fly casting. I'm anxious to try using a straight shaft paddle and more advanced stroke as well as an over nighter to the Adirondacks. I use a Thule rack with canoe attachment and foam pipe insulation for the wood gunnels.
Over all I'm very pleased with this canoe.