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Name: davebrask

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We have used Discovery 169s for wilderness treks with the scouts for years.

They easily hold gear and provisions for a 4-day trek. They're very stable. Track nicely.

If you have the webbed rather than bucket seat and you're a strong paddler, you can use them solo.

They are great for rapids-they slip and slide over rocks and take the abuse well. Once the scouts managed to fold an aluminum canoe over a pointed rocks in the rapids, but never one of these. You can scrape off some letters and change Discovery 169 to be Disco 69 if you're so inclined.

They are heavy; until I was 60 I could carry one solo on a level surface but now it is too hard on my back. One the other hand, they portage ok with two people, the back position in particular is comfortable with the sides of the canoe sitting on your shoulders; the front position is a little tougher. A 1/4 mile portage is ok, longer is a challenge. I would not take these on an intensive portaging trip, but I would everyplace else.