Name: klcourtney

Most Recent Reviews

I recently purchased two 2013 Pungo 120s for my wife and I after doing a lot of research and reading many customer reviews that were extremely helpful. We also took the advice of many of the reviewers and tried out the kayaks that we were interested in at a Demo day sponsored by a local sporting goods store. I was pretty sure I wanted the Pungo 120, but the demo sealed the deal. None of the other rec boats measured up to the overall quality, stability, and tracking of the Pungo for a 12 ft recreational kayak at our price point.

Having enjoyed them now for about 3 months, we are very pleased with our purchase. I think that we will even like them even more as we enhance our paddling skills.

If you are looking for a good rec kayak for use on flat water, lakes, and slow moving rivers, the Pungo 120 will not disappoint.

I recently purchased a used (1 time) Dirigo XT Tandem Plus kayak to be used as a spare boat for family and friends and occasionally for my wife and I to paddle together. We have two Pungo 120s that we normally use.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the Dirigo XT tandem. It tracks well and paddles quicker than I expected for a large, recreational tandem kayak. Ours is equipped with an optional rudder, which I have found unnecessary for flat water lakes and slow moving rivers. I am sure that it will be a plus in windy conditions and choppy water.

The XT comes equipped with the upgraded ACS seating which we have found to be very comfortable. I store it inside in a Suspenz 3 boat free standing rack on it's side at about an 80 degree angle and have not experienced any structural bending or oil canning issues. I do leave the child seat in place which I feel provides some additional structural support.

Overall, we are very pleased with the Dirigo XT Tandem Plus in the short time that we have owned it.