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Name: imthenra

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I have had a Disco 169 for almost 10 years now. The bottom looks like sandpaper but it is only in the outermost layer. This boat is heavy and at times can be more like paddling a barg than a canoe, but for secondary stability and an all purpose hull it cant be beat. I havent taken it through much whitewater, amybe a couple of low II's if that but for my purposes its been ideal. There hasn't been another canoe that has done as well for me. Its spectacular for swimming, fishing, hunting, trapping, etc. I have taken it with a friend on a two week excursion and have alwasy had plenty of room to spare. I do tend to travel light though. There are easier paddling, lighter weight canoes out there but in my opinion none combine all the attributes described above as well as the Disco 169, not for any money. Now only if Old Town could shave off a few pounds!!