Name: Denver

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I recently purchased my Bell Magic which was set up as a kneeler which I'm not so I changed the seat setting height as well as the seat itself from a cane to a web seat. I gave it a good long paddle today and was happy with the performance as well as the stability. Coming from sea kayaking I used both a double bladed paddle as well as a bent shaft and prefer the double for speed when heading upwind. I plan on installing a foot brace soon which will aid in greater power strokes. I do miss however not having a back rest that sea kayaks posess which allows one to employ the legs more in one's paddle stroke. When using the double bladed paddle I felt it compared close to the same speed I'm a custom to when kayaking my 17 foot sea kayaks. I'm looking forward to this year's paddling season which should be Magical!

I have owned and paddled the Endeavor 17 for about three years now and feel I scan now give a fairly well rounded view of the boat. The boat has great initial stability and it turns easily when leaned and overall a very dry ride in rough conditions.

This boat needs a rudder or skeg in windy conditions to deal with weather cocking. This boat is not for a small person but for those of us 180 lbs plus. I'm 200 lbs., 5'10" tall and find the boat very comfortable with almost to much wiggle room. The lines of the boat are beautiful so be prepared for lots of folks compliments.

This boat is not a play boat either for the craft has very little rocker, but is ideally suited for tripping. I would say that this boat is perfect for the novice in that the initial stability and seaworthiness of the craft will instill confidence in many conditions.

I was blessed to have purchased a wood strip Spring Run a couple of years ago and have since been blown away by how well this kayak behaves in all types of conditions. She's light, tracks beautifully, turns well when leaned and still stable enough that one does not fear accidentally landing in the drink. Hat's off to the folks at Redfish!