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You know how when you buy something and wonder if you are making a right decision. Or after you have had it for awhile you have some regrets for the purchase. Well I finally can honestly say after having my Perception Prodigy 12 I still KNOW I made the right choice. I am in my fourth year with it, over 300 hours on the water and over 600km and I have still lovin it. The size, comfort, weight, handle, durability, appearance and reliabilty all have met my needs. Eventually I might get another kayak but this one will be with me for a long while to come. No regrets!!! Except not buying one earlier.

Loving my Prodigy 12. I have now put over 50 hours on my kayak. And over 150km. I have used going up and down rivers and on flat lakes and in waves. In the rougher water I do use spray skirts from Harmony.

Overall it has been great. The larger cockpit is much easier to get in and out of, which is helpful for the less flexible. The larger cockpit is great for pets. Also the open bow is great for storage including fishing gear. Storage behind the seat is very convenient. Stern waterproof storage is amble for full day outings. The width is cause for a little more effort if needing to power through waves but is workable. The weight is average for lifting on vehicles. The seat has been great as some trips have been over 6 hours and my back and butt did not suffer.
Overall I have been very pleased with the Prodigy 12.