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My Hurricane 116 has been a happy purchase. I was looking for a lightweight SOT kayak after struggling to car-top with a heavy tandem kayak. My Skimmer 116 is easy to move from the rack to the car top (a Subaru Outback) and get secured for transport. The boat has been enjoyable on the water as well. The seat is more comfy than the typical kayak, with better back support. The kayak is particularly nimble and fast for a sit-on-top, and tracks well. The only downsides are the lightweight trade-offs. First, the kayak does take some getting used too as it is a bit more tippy than the typical 10-12 pounds heavier 11-12 foot SOT. Second is the obvious cost difference; I did have to pay up a bit for the higher quality and lightweight construction. Overall I am happy with the purchase though. Ease of use has improved greatly for me, in terms of going from the garage to the water with less hassle and risk of injury manipulating a boat on my own. The only thing I wish I could do differently is buy the 128 rather than the 116, as longer would be a little better for larger guy like myself.