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Name: mr_h2o

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I turned 60 last year and also had half of my spine fused together. So, like DAVEBRASK said in his review, carrying or loading my Discovery is very difficult. In fact, canoeing in general is tough now and I'm probably going to sell it, sadly.

The Discovery will go through anything, and mine has! For years, I had it set up with airbags and thigh straps for whitewater and did the Peshtigo, Wolf, Red in Wisconsin; many Michigan rivers, including Menominee (thru Piers Gorge), Paint, Ontanogan, Little Manistee, Pine; even did the New in WV. I also had Old Town's H2Pro solo whitewater boat (aka. The Bathtub), which I loved but sold for a C1, regretfully.

The Discovery can be done solo, as mentioned, with sitting reverse, or midsection with a kayak paddle, which feels and looks weird, but actually performs quite well.

If I had a good place to store it, I'd never sell it, even if I never used it again. It is such a fantastic boat & investment. You can't kill it!!