Name: rmeyers618

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I borrowed this kayak from a friend to use while camping. The kayak had a rudder installed. This kayak was a breeze to paddle. It tracked very well and was very steady. I had also taken my 17 ft canoe and fell in love with the kayak. My daughter used the kayak for the first time ever kayaking and I could not get the kayak away from her.

Turning was a little slow, due to the length. Also paddled a tandem Old Town and there was no comparison the Necky was easy and very relaxing to paddle. I also found the seat very comfortable. The adjustable back was perfect.

Two days ago bought two Pathfinder 100 kayaks used from a private party. Was looking for a fun and comfortable to use kayak for lakes and slow river use. Wanted to have something that would track and have some storage.

The kayaks were like new. In fact the clear plastic coverings protecting the name plates were still on the boats. The owner had used them once. No scratches or scuffs.

Took out the boats last night then again this morning on the local lake. Daughter liked it found it a little more challenging to keep on track then the longer 14ft boat. But with some practice she got it tracking better.

Wife who had never kayaked tried the boat. She was always afraid of kayaks and thought they were tippy. She found herself very comfortable and didn't think it was tippy at all. She soon had basic strokes down and was paddling very controlled. She kept it tracking well. She liked the large cockpit it was easy to enter and exit.

I found the boat a great boat for beginners and intermediates. It tracked really well for a 10ft boat. Loved how well it would turn and how leaning into the turns made it even tighter.

The boats are very light and super easy to transport. We can have them loaded(or unloaded) in a matter of minutes. Leaving more time for fun on the water. The length and weight is great for anyone to carry. The large cockpit will allow me to also take a grandchild with me.

Seat back is a little hard. Seat bottom is comfortable and the leg rests adjust easily. The rear deck storage is not water tight. Wish there was more storage space in rear.