Name: Kdunlavy

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In my opinion this is a great kayak for people that are not exactly new to kayaking but are not experienced enough to want the best kayak on the market. I think that this kayak is very sturdy but still has some speed.

This is a sit in kayak so I use a skirt most of the time and I have had no issues with that. The seats are comfortable but I still use a pad to sit on because I get sore after a while. There are foot pegs which is great in my opinion! The price that I saw was about $650 which isn't too bad for a tandem kayak. I do believe that you are getting a pretty great kayak for the price.

I do wish that there was the option for a rudder with this one but I don't think that it is too long to stear without a rudder. Another thing to consider would be how long are you planning to be out with this kayak. There is not the biggest storage container so you will need to keep that in mind, but for day trips I think it's a nice buy!